3 Things Every Chef Should Have.

While I am by far no chef, I actually couldn’t cook to save my life, lol, however, I have had the pleasure of living with some amazing chefs for a full year and while I love having some exotic food ever so often, I still couldn’t cook to save my life lol. Besides it’s way too much heat for me! I was however able to learn the 3 must have a chef needs.

Chef Knife
First and for most as am sure most would guess is the handy Chef knife! It’s notorious as the one item if no other you just gotta gotta have.

A Cast Iron Pan
Cast iron pans are an oldie but goodie in the culinary world. They’re one of the most popular kitchen items for both beginner and professional chefs because of their versatility.

An Apron
Food is intimately connected with the person who is cooking it and a clean chef gives the consumers good impressions about the food when groomed correctly.

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