Interior Design

Setting a Welcoming Mood

Our homes are a reflection of who we are! It tells of our personality and showcases our warmth and love. I am sorry, but, personality is everything. The person you are should permeate every inch of your house… in balance of course lol … Our homes should always have a welcoming peaceful atmosphere to our guests.

Don’t just aim to make your house pretty but aim to make it personally welcoming. Whatever you and your family personalities, try to capture it. Whether bold, chic or simple, be true to you. I have found some of the best ways to make people feel welcomed upon entering your home is by scented candles and photos that share your life and family experiences. Perfect lighting also helps to add a warmness in your home that makes guests feel completely unnerved by their new surroundings.

Also consider focusing on creating a space where your visitors can place their belongings. Make the space as obvious as possible and easily accessible. Give your guests a mini tour to the bathroom, so they won’t feel embarrassed to have to ask you to use it…. And most importantly, provide comfortable seating!

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