Interior Design

Get the Most Out of Small Spaces

Okay, I don’t know about you, but I sure don’t live in a mansion, lol, hence I always need to maximize my
tiny living space. Cluttered house equals a cluttered mind, so keeping a clean organized space is just as
important for physical as well as mental… Here are some helpful tips I hope will inspire you in your own
home décor!

Ottomans to the rescue

Use Ottomans to maximize storage while still keeping it cute! These work perfect as center or side

Add Shelving!

Adding shelving behind couch sets is a perfect way to add glam to
your space while maximizing storage.

Add a Featured Wall

Make the room pop by adding a featured wall to detract from the small space. Balancing it off by using a
light color or white for the remaining walls.

Mirror Mirror On the Wall

Add and illusion of space with uniquely crafted mirrors. This always works in adding a sense of more
depth to any space.

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