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Time to Get Sewing

So, after jealously admiring for years the amazing clothes I would see people making on Instagram (especially Mimi G Style) I finally decided to take the plunge and attempt to make all the marvelous clothes I always wanted… And boy oh boy have I been loving it…

I mean, is it super hard? Heck yeah! Some days I have to stop and take some time to regroup my efforts but then when you see the finish piece the satisfaction you get is just amazing. Now am practically obsessed with fabric lol.  All the beauties and possibilities in which I am capable of making after much trial and error of course is simply wonderful. It’s frustrating yet one of the most wonderful and fulfilling hobbies one can undertake.

Start simple and then challenge yourself in creating more complicated designs. Create a scrapbook if you may, and draw designs you desire to make in the future. I always find that tends to give a little more motivation to keep progressing onward.

Sewing breathes creativity and challenges you in new and positive ways and there are so many bloggers out there to assist you on your journey. I would challenge anyone to get sewing and embrace the world of creativity that awaits you…

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